Mites of the Month, July 2000

We are featuring a pair of Mites this month: N4122 and N4124. These two mighty airplanes recently transported their owners three thousand miles across the USA to attend the WAMM 2000 Fly-in at Porterville CA.  Jerry Johnston sent us the following  photos which he took on the return flight. For a written account of this adventure, see Ted Teach's "Mites Away" on the Articles page.

Jerry taxis N4124 on departure from Porterville.

N4122 at 10,000 ft. over the High Sierras, California

There is a Mite in this picture taken east of Grand Junction, Colorado

Ted flying over the foothills in east-central California.

Over Canyonlands National Park, Colorado

Ted and Jerry at Leadville, Colorado, North America's highest incorporated city.

June 29, 2000