Can you help us identify the Mystery Mite?

Carolyn Kuespert of Lafayette, Indiana has asked for our help in locating an airplane once owned by her deceased uncle, Hugh H. Sheetz. If we had the N-number we could, of course, identify the Mite. Unfortunately, although she has a few photographs like this one, none show clearly the tail or wing numbers. If anyone out there recognizes this Mite, or sees any clues in the photo (such as the paint job) that would help us to narrow down the possibilities, please contact the Mite Site.

Update received from Carolyn Sheetz Kuespert, 2004-11:

"We have found my father’s log book entry of his flying his brother Hugh Sheetz’s Mooney Mite!!!! The N number is N4062 and my father flew it for 20 minutes on September 28th in 1954. We felt all along this was the correct number. It is an M-18C model as you said in your May 18th, 2002 email message to me, after looking at the photos we sent."

May 19, 2002