Mooney Mite Calendar of Events


The Heber Springs Fly-In is CANCELLED

(2017-04-25): E-mail from Woody Gillespie:

"It is a judgment call but the Fly-In is now cancelled! The fronts are building and up to 5" of rain for Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. The Mites don't like that!
We have put a lot of time and effort for this event which will be looked at again in June.

"Thank each of you for saying you would attend. We had people from GA, OK, MS, TN and Canada who had planned on coming. Please don't give up on us. The weather is always a factor!

"Let's look to June for another try!


The Heber Springs Fly-In is a go

(2017-04-21): E-mail from Woody Gillespie:

"To all of those that are making an effort to come next week end and putting other things on hold, my hat is off to you!! To those that are too far off or have more pressing things to do, we understand, and to those that their wife won't let out of the house, there is nothing to say!

"Now, come next Friday, hoping and praying for good weather, we will be trying to get everyone together at the airport to go to Cafe Klaser down on the river at a time of 6 to 6:30 PM for a good meal and music. We can order from the menu and introduce everyone which seems to be a diverse group from Canada to New Orleans! This year the hula girls were already booked but we tried!

Billy, the owner of Cafe Klaser was a chef in New Orleans for a long time but he came to Heber to retire! George will be smoking the ribs and Boston butts for a good BBQ since he was on the Memphis BBQ cooking team for a number of years. He is a retired Memphis policeman and my neighbor. Dennis and Mary are world trampers from the racing world. Mary is retired Fed X pilot and we won't talk about Dennis!

"There may be a few more rogues drifting around but most of them won't bite. If we feel like it, and anyone is interested, we may venture into downtown on Saturday morning before things start and have breakfast at the zoo which is called the "Smoke House". At the airport maybe we need to wake the town up with a low fly-over if you like the idea???

"My reason for this email is to tell you that my cell # is 501-206-2343

"Looking forward to a good week end with everyone! There is still time to grab your gear and head this way on Friday the 28th and 29th of April, which is next week end. Try it, you might like it!


(2017-04-08): E-mail from Woody Gillespie:

"Hello again everyone!

"Time passes so fast when we are having fun! My plane is down with mag trouble so we are looking for more Mites and Antiques to come to the event on the 28th and 29th of April.

"We are doing all we can to make this a good fly in / education weekend for you. Remember, if you don't participate by showing up we won't keep trying to have these events! There is no charge to you except your personal expenses.

"We have two guys coming from Canada and each of you are closer than that!

"The only change since the last contact is there will be no sky diving. These people will come on Saturday and eat with us but powers that be decided this year isn't the time to do the jump. We also will have a couple, the Nolans, come to eat and converse with us that are well known in some circles. Mary has had a celebrity experience with the Reno air races and her husband, Dennis has had a great experience with race cars, is a Nam vet, and a successful businessman.

"We are a laid back bunch, have fun and enjoy people so no stress that week end! There will be a professional photographer there to take photos of the Mite line up and anything else that seems exciting! If you know of other Mites and Antique planes, please contact them for us.

"Please let us know if you intend to attend so we can have enough food and drink for you, as this will be a private lunch.

"We intend to have a fun week end and we sincerely hope that you will join us, share the event, and meet new friends!

"Safe flying, Woody"

(2017-03-27): E-mail from Woody Gillespie:

"We are moving forward with the fly-in in Heber Springs, AR (HBZ) on the 29th of April. Those that come in on Friday will be invited to get together for a Dutch meal down on the river. We have added a sky diving event to our agenda. (weather permitting). Two of the Arkansas Freedom Fund members will be the jumpers this year.

"There is so much packed together at the airport alone with a giant car show and the Mooney Mite photo shoot as well as a discussion and comparison of things others have done on these little jewels.

"I will be cooking ribs for the Mite owners, antique plane owners, and the sky divers on Saturday the 29th for lunch.

"A hugh craft fair will be down town with a shuttle back and forth every 30 minutes.
The Photo Transfer Shop will be there taking pictures with transfers to T-shirts, mugs, etc. for a day to remember. They will also be doing the Mite line up and photos with each owner for the event.

"This event is free to the public so a lot of people will be in town that day. We will also have a bomb run with cubs etc. Plan on coming for a fun and leisure day of activities at HBZ.

"Please pass this on to others!"


Woody Gillespie

Cell: 501-206-2343

Quality Inn: 501-362-1000;

Woody: 501-362-5354;

Airport: 501-362-3294