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Crosley engine

I have an original Crosley engine with the Mooney Data Plate showing it was originally installed in a Mite. It has the eight spark plug distributor and dual plugs on the cylinders.
I might be interested in selling it to a Mooney collector.

(2016-01-06: Would the person who contacted me about this engine, please email me again as your contact info was lost, thanks. JH)


Joe Harris


Spark plugs

Great For Radial Engines

Quantity: 56
All For $450

Free Shipping to Lower 48
PayPal Preferred




Souvenir Mooney Mite Caps

Hugh Rawls, N4070, has for sale souvenir ball caps, custom-embroidered with a familiar Mooney emblem plus your name and N-number. You can buy one for $25 plus postage.cap

The hats are available in several colors with either a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap or the FLEXFIT (strapless) style.

If you are looking for a nice item to show your pride as a Mite owner or enthusiast, click here to have a look at the caps that Hugh Rawls, N4070, is offering for sale.

Hugh Rawls

Satsuma, FL



Lycoming O-145 engines

Accurate Original Designs LLC of Cresson, TX (just south of Fort Worth) has purchased enough Lycoming O-145 parts, new and used, to build at least 20 Lycoming O-145 engines.

We will build one brand new, 1930's vintage, never-been-assembled O-145 engine and open our business after January 1st, 2015 by putting this engine on the market. Please email us if you would like to be notified when this engine is up for sale. Spread the word to those you know who would love to own this engine. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Accurate Original Designs will sell only rebuilt engines, not parts. However, we will take in engines to rebuild as well as purchase any large quantity of parts.

Update 2015-02-01: See my new ad on Barnstormers

Don Winfree



Mite gear springs

Main landing gear retraction springs.

$50 each.

John A. Krueger


Engine Manuals, Parts Catalogs, etc.
  • Operator's and Service Manuals for M-18's
  • Continental and Lycoming engines
  • Carburetors and Magnetos
  • M-18C-55 Three-View
Mite Site Manuals page
Flying scale model plans on CD

Designed by Walt Mooney, this authentic scale replica of M-18L, N351A is 1/7 full size, with a 45" span and a weight of 16 oz.

Equally suitable for control line (.09 - .19 engines) or free flight (.049 - .065 engines). Details of an R/C equipped model (.065 - .074) are also provided.

The plans are on three sheets saved as a TIFF images at 300 dpi and will print out to actual size (24 x 36 inches). File size = 3 x 9.3MB

CD available for $20 from:

The Mooney Mite Site


Wanted Items

Item Description Contact
Non-working Continental C65-12 (or -8) engine

I am putting together and donating the last M-18C-55 off the assembly line. It was not sold or licenced by the Mooney factory. It will be a "Naked" airplane (not covered or painted, so you can see how it was made). It will be hung in the Rotunda (as you enter) of the new Mooney Factory Museum.

I am looking for a non-working Continental C65-12 (or -8). It doesn't need to have a crank or a camshaft.

Can you spread the word and see if anyone would like to donate an old junk engine for a great cause.



Boyd Maddox



1955 Mite I would like to locate a 1955 Mooney Mite for possible purchase. I would prefer an airworthy model but would consider one that may need some work too.

Lynn Farnsworth
220 Hembree Circle
Roswell, GA 30076

Cell 770-841-0457


1955 Mite Cash buyer looking for a 1955 Mooney Mite.

Steve Miller

(630) 816-8825

DeKalb, Illinois


Trade for Mite

I have a experimental Bakeng Duce.

  • Lycoming O-320
  • 75hrs on airframe and engine
  • Norco AT50A with Alt encoder
  • Sigtronics SPA 400 intercom.

Fun flying airplane. I've been wanting a Mite and was wondering if anyone would be interest in trading for my Duce. The Plane is located in Las Vegas, NV

Kerry Davis

(702) 327 9579


Good Mooney Mite Mite...prefer Texas, Louisiana, or not too far away location

John Sessions


Mooney Mite Looking for an airworthy Mooney Mite.

Adam Kruse

563 379 6405


Propeller Looking for a Sensenich 66CB-54 wood prop for M18L.

Martin McConnell

704 756 1543




Item Description Contact
Mite Parts

Airframe parts, including complete aft fuselages, tail parts, flaps & ailerons, landing gear parts, sheet metal parts, instruments, and lots of other large & small stuff.

Also have Continental and, more notably, O-145 Lycoming parts available.

We now have 3 full sets of landing gear donuts (18 available). They are original type Mite donuts with new rubber moulded and vulcanized to the original metal base washer. Cost for a set of 6 is now $855.00 USD plus shipping, or $160.00 each plus shipping if sold in quantity less than 6 pieces.

Paul Workman



400 x 4 tires and tubes, Aero Classic brand.

Desser Tire & Rubber Company

Montebello, CA & Memphis, TN
Tel: 1-800-247-8473

Windshields, Canopies   CeeBailey's Aircraft Plastics
2955 Junipero Ave
Long Beach, CA 90806
(562) 424-0618
Windshields, Canopies

Located at LGB (Daugherty Field, Long Beach, CA) 

Aircraft Windshield Co.
Contact Judy Gallo
(562) 430-8108

10871 Kyle St
Los Alamitos, CA 90720


760 VHF transceiver, T2000 transponder

Small, suitable for aircraftwith limited space. Service available in USA.

Microair Electronics Pty. Ltd.
Queensland, Australia

Instruments FL-760 VHF COMM TRANSCEIVER sells as a competitive product to the MicroAir 760. The FL-760 has a List Price of $725.00 and a street price of around $699.00.

It is not TSO’d so is really suited for the experimental market, but there may be those who would be able to get it installed via a field approval process or even pursue an STC.

EDMO Distributors, Inc.
12830 E. Mirabeau Parkway
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


HobbicoTorqMaster LC 12V, 7Amp
Stock # LL1896, or # TY6954

5.9" x 2.5" x 3.6",
5.25 lbs.

Tower Hobbies



1" x 1-1/2" x 3/8",
surface mount LCD,
less than 1mA draw

i4C Products
6924 E. 92nd
Tulsa, OK


ZAP Battery

Sealed lead-acid battery with a 20 amp hour capacity, weighs about 14 pounds."Perfect for the Mite."


Item Description Contact
Professional Restoration, Fabric, & Interior Work

Full Time Aircraft Restoration & Interior Shop in Central Ohio.
Over 25 years experience - Tubing, Wood, Sheet Metal, Fabric, Paint, Interiors.

Experience with both Nitrate/Butyrate & Urethane Fabric systems.

Paul Workman
1250 Fairview Rd.
Zanesville, OH  43701


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