The Western Association of Mooney Mites

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"Remember, keep the Mites flying." (Tony Terrigno)

Porterville Fly-In, May 2008

Want to become a WAMM member? Just show up at our Fly-In. That's all it takes!

For inquiries about WAMM (the Western Association of Mooney Mites), please contact:


The date of the next Fly-in will beannouced in the spring of 2018. More details will be on the Events Page.




The WAMM Fly-In Photo Gallery

Thanks to Gil Gilbert, N4121 for providing most of the pre-2000 photos and over half of the Newsletters.

Tony Terrigno's WAMM "Switch-On" Newsletter Collection



Note: If you have copies of Newsletters missing from this collection, please get in touch with the Mite Site.